PHARAO was one of Germany’s most successful dance acts in the nineties! Their debut single “I Show You Secrets” rocketed them straight to the Top10 of the German Charts. The single stayed more then 24 weeks in the Official German Selling Chart. Because of this sensational success in the Eurodance scene, the press and fans honored PHARAO the title “Gods Of The Dance Temple” along the way. Top10 chart rankings in several other countries all over europe and Top10 entries in Music & Media’s Eurochart and even the Billboard Charts followed. With over 1 million sold records and several gold records all over the world, the charismatic duo comprising of the exotic singer Kyra Pharao (who is half Indian), combined with a good looking rapper, the act had a major impact to the 90ies Dance Music. The two Albums (94/98) included various hits such as: There is a Star / I Show You Secrets / World of Magic / Temple of Love / Once upon a Time and many more.

Each track is a combination of relentless groove and irresistible melody, and the result is, quite simply, truly great still modern dance music:

Kyra decided to come back together with new rapper and DJ HI-NRG for exclusive and selected performances with a sparkling, fresh show that moves PHARAO into the 21th century.
Included Artists: Kyra Pharao (Singer), Rapper, DJ HI-NRG (Deejay & MC)


DJ master of the 90ies РMusicstyle: Dance Music & Eurodance. As a celebrity DJ he played countless gigs in the hottest locations all around the globe in the éighties and nineties. Now he is back on stage with Pharao, to rock the crowd. He is playing the Pharao Sound from his decks during the Live Show as a third member.

Played at (excerpt): Madonna Aftershow DJ, Wladimir Klitschko Birthday Party, Haddaway Tour DJ, DJ Bobo Aftershow DJ, Laurel Celebrity Event, Instyle Magazine Tour DJ, Amanda Lear Aftershow DJ, Eartha Kitt Aftershow DJ, Village People Aftershow DJ, Donna Summer Birthday Event, Sylvester Aftershow DJ, Divine Aftershow DJ, Sabrina Aftershow DJ, Modern Talking Aftershow DJ, Samatha Fox Aftershow DJ, The Dome Aftershow DJ