Dominik Büchele


Dominik Büchele – German singer / songwriter with soul…

Unbelievable what the friendly curly head achieved in the last years:

# 27 for the debut single “Closer to Heaven”
# 10 of the German trade charts for “Closer to Heaven”

# 22 for the debut album “Ready”
# 18 of the German trade charts for”Ready”

# 43 for the single “Hazel Eyes”
# 36 for the second album “Again”

As well as 3 times #1 of the BRAVO Readers’ Charts (Germany’s and Europe’s biggest teen magazines) – with the single “Hazel Eyes” even for 10 weeks!

Although the last years have been quite busy and Dominik has travelled a lot, he isn’t interested in a rest period or timeout at all and makes music daily.
With all this power and creative energy nobody is surprised that Dominik already built his own studio in his parents’ house to be able to give free rein to his creativity anytime…

“I’m finally doing what I always dreamed of! Working in studio, recording new songs and performing with my band at my concerts – I can’t imagine anything better.”

Concerning song writing and producing Dominik learnt a lot in the last years and could look over the shoulders of his successful producers Thorsten Brötzmann and Ivo Moring who have already produced diverse hits for several artists.

Dominik takes his first steps as songwriter now and contributes two own songs for the album “Again” called “Salvation” and “For the Last Time”.

Dominik and his producers really managed to create two great albums. “Ready” and “Again” demonstrate impressively the abilities of this young exceptional musician – Dominik is just 21 years old.

Dominik also started an artistically cooperation with the young and creative art photographer Dave Coba. In the last 2 years Dave Coba could already present his work at exhibitions from Berlin via Paris to New York. In spring of 2008 Dave was even nominated for the “World Photography Award” – the Oscar for photography.

Dominik was really happy about the cooperation with Dave Coba and so Dave has done the complete shooting for Dominik’s new album “Again”.

How everything started:

The biggest dream of young Dominik Büchele was to make music all the time. During Dominik’s childhood he wasn’t as shy as today, actually… he seemed more like a rascal and he tells that he hoaxed people often and he kept his family on the go.

Dominik recognized his vocal talents early during his singing in his primary school choir, yet he wasn’t infected with the “music virus” until he visited a “James Blunt” concert in 2006. Dominik was impressed by the concert and the magic of the music brought amazing emotions to the surface for him.

There was no way out… Dominik had to start his own band, known as “Umleitung”. Although he could gain first experiences with this band on stage, it wasn’t enough to make a living. To earn additional money for music school, Dominik therefore jobbed as a dishwasher in the German theme park “Europa Park” during the summer months of 2008.

While washing dishes, Dominik often daydreamed of a fantasy world, in which he performed on stage as a celebrated singer. At this time Dominik didn’t know that dreams could come true if you only believed in them hard enough…

It was one of these ordinary days when Dominik saw the call for participation in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (the German version of “Pop Idol”) – however, after looking at the happenings at a later time, it was this day which brought a change to something really big. After first hesitations, Dominik applied for the casting in Mannheim/Germany.

The outcome was unbelievable… competing against more than 32,000 applicants, Dominik reached place 4 during this successful TV show. He always remained true to himself and his style and for this reason alone, he is a real star.

With the help of the successful producers Thorsten Brötzmann and Ivo Moring a unique album has been produced. Rarely before a newcomer surprised with such a strong debut album.

His first single “Closer to Heaven” entered the German Single Charts directly at #27.

In the trade charts of the Media Markt and Saturn stores the single even reached #10.

The debut album “Ready” has been released in February 2010 and entered the German Album Charts at #22 and even reached # 18 of the Media Markt / Saturn trade charts.

The results were unbelievable: video rotations for the songs “Closer to Heaven” and “Brand New Day” on the German TV stations VIVA and SuperRTL. On the release day there was a detailed report about Dominik on the German web welcome page of T-Online.

Press releases in several newspapers, features in teen magazines like “Mädchen”, “Wendy”, “Hey”, “Popcorn” and # 1 of the “Bravo” Reader’s Charts (Germany’s and Europe’s biggest teen magazines).

Dominik has been present in numerous German TV shows like “VIVA Live”, “KI.KA Live”, “KI.KA Homestory”, “ZDF Frühlingsshow”, “ZDF Fernsehgarten”, “DSDS – Das Magazin” on SuperRTL and “The Dome” on RTL2 as well as the “Disney Fan Show” and many more.

In February 2010 Dominik has been abroad all over Germany for signing sessions in big shopping centres. Hundreds of enthused fans lined up at each date to catch an autograph.

In summer 2010 Dominik has toured with his band in Germany and Austria and has performed more than 50 concerts. Here the artist could demonstrate his true ability and inspired more and more viewers of his performance. Of course the fan community of the singer-songwriter rises continuously.

The event “Klassik Rockt” has been a further highlight for all Dominik fans in November 2010. Dominik performed a unique concert with a 40-men-orchestra, really another milestone in the career of this young exceptional musician.

Shortly before the end of year 2010 Dominik’s first single “Closer to Heaven” has also been nominated for the annual charts of one of German’s biggest music TV stations VIVA.

In February 2011 “Hazel Eyes” – the first single of his second album “Again” has been released. Both CDs entered the German charts directly.

As third Dominik single “Hazel Eyes” could also reach #1 of the BRAVO Readers’ Charts and could keep its position for even 10 weeks!

Further shows followed and in November 2011 even Dominik’s first own club concert with his band which has been celebrated by his thrilled fans.

In 2011 Dominik also spent some weeks at Hawaii, in New York, Berlin and Hamburg and worked on new songs, e. g. in Hamburg where the songs “For a While” and “Life Without You” arose.

So, look ahead and await Dominik’s new stuff… music is his big passion.