Hermes House Band

In 20 years the Hermes House Band has become Europe’s #1 Party Band, with over 8 million records sold in more than 25 countries.  HHB plays all year round, entertaining masses all over the world. Their singles “I will survive”, “Country roads”, “Live is life” and “Rhythm of the night” have reached the highest chart positions in numerous countries.

The band started 2014 with a new single “boom bang a bang”, which was released on iTunes on the first of January. The song had its premiere at the “Brandenburger Tor Silvester Party” in Berlin/Germany, in front of 1.000.000 people, which was live broadcasted by German TV station ZDF.
Hermes House Band will perform in numerous “Fernsehgarten” TV shows in Germany this winter, spring and summer. To have continuous communication with their fans the Hermes House Band will present a monthly online “Party Break” – this can be a video, a new single or anything which gives you a good feeling.  February saw the premiere of “Tarzan boy”, a fresh remake of the Italo disco classic. This will be the next single, the promotion starts in summer of 2014.
All activities will culminate in THE BIG PARTY BREAK show and album by the end of 2014. Get ready to party, Hermes House Band is alive and kicking!

How they got here…
Rotterdam 1984 – a group of students decide to start a band. They play their first gig in their student fraternity “Hermes”. It marks the birth of the “Hermes House Band” and the beginning of an unbelievable journey…
The first shows and their first CDs parachuted the band into the Dutch student scene, steadily building their reputation as a party band through countless exciting live shows over the next 10 years.

In 1994 the unexpected happened: Their independently released single “I will survive / lalala” became a Dutch #1 hit, soon followed by other European countries.
In France the “lalala” sing-a-long-theme was adopted by “Les Blues” as a hymn to their famous 1998 World Cup victory. It went to the top of the French charts and “I will survive” is now part of French history, forever.

Meanwhile, HHB made it in other European countries, too. Their remake of John Denver’s “Country Roads” reached Top10 in Germany, United Kingdom and many other countries.  It’s a party classic in its own right.

In the years that followed the HHB focused on its international career, releasing hit-singles and albums in many countries worldwide. They worked together with famous colleagues like DJ Ötzi and Tony Christie.  The band recently collaborated with German singer Jürgen Drews for the single “Hey, we’re gonna rock this place”.
They even joined forces back home with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra for a unique combination of classical music and party hits!

Lead singers Jop Wijlacker and Sally Flisinger are still going strong at the front. Together with five brilliant musicians they keep the party going. After twenty years of experience, they will survive!