As a member of the 80s-cultband KAJAGOOGOO he celebrated
the greatest hit (gold) of the band history with “Too
Shy” in 1983. The song had become a world-wide #1 hit
and had been sold for more than 4.0 million times.

The KAJAGOOGOO début album was produced by Nick Rhodes
from Duran Duran.

On this long player there are also two further top ten hits:
“Ooh To Be Ah” and “Hang On Now”.

After the break of KAJAGOOGOO he released the single “Only
For Love” as solo artist under the name LIMAHL.

His most successful single “Never Ending Story”
was published in 1984 and is the soundtrack of the movie “Die
unendliche Geschichte”. The song became a top ten hit
in 17 countries and stayed in the European Charts for 14 weeks.

In 1985 LIMAHL participated in the German production “Der
Formel-Eins-Film” (the formular-one-movie).

From the year 2000 until July 2001 he played the main character
in the musical “What A Feeling” in England.

LIMAHL released the single “Love That Lasts”
in 2002 on the sampler “Discobrothers Presenting Stars
of the Eighties” from the German DJ duo “Discobrothers”.

In spring 2004 LIMAHL takes part in the Comeback Show of
Pro7 and for weeks he is guest in millions of German living
rooms in Monday evenings. Soon he becomes the darling of the

In 2004 / 2005 he perfomed in diverse TV shows such as for
example “Formel Eins” (Formular One) of Kabel1,
“Sound of the 80’s” at ZDF and “Die
Hitgiganten” with Hugo-Egon Balder of SAT.1, as well
as “ZALOZ SIE”, the polish edition of “Wetten,

Parallel he tours with a new and fantastic live show at several
festivals in Germany.

The feedback is overwhelming because beside his greatest hits
he also presents the songs of the Comeback Show in a special
Pro7-Comeback-Medley as well as an 80’s-Medley. In the
meantime he performs his show in Poland and the USA, too.

In winter 2005 LIMAHL works on new songs together with the
successful songwriters and producers Alex Geringas and Thorsten
Brötzmann who had diverse No.1 hits.

During these sessions the new LIMAHL single “Tell me
why”- an up-tempo pop song – which seems to be made
to measure for the unique voice of the friendly Englishman.

“Tell me why” will be released on May 26, 2006,
by Zyx Music in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For the single release LIMAHL will attend numerous TV and
media dates in Germany and is invited to shows like “Music
für Sie” of MDR, “80s Mania” of RTL
or at the ZDF.

Beside the radio version of the song the maxi single also
includes two remixes which will surely cause a furore in the
clubs, after all the remixes are from the famous “BASS
BUMBERS” and the remix kings of “D.O.N.S”!

So, LIMAHL’s story of success is in the truest sense
of the word a “Never Ending Story”!